Sunday Meditation – Consistency

Consistency. It is not what we do on one day, but what we do every day that matters. Those repeated actions done daily allows us to predict our own future. If the results we get form these steps are not what we want, then what we do each day is not the best action for our desired outcomes. That is the place where change is needed. We identity what we want, we know what is required to get there so it is simply a matter of doing it every day. We all have the same amount of time, we cannot add or subtract, yet if we prioritise consistency on doing the tasks that add up to monumental results we can achieve what we want. Action everyday. It is how the small builds to the big and how the dreams are pulled down into our reality. 

What Do I Want To Say?


On Friday I finished my first draft, and certain people (those that have successfully published book after book) believe that after a first draft you need to put it aside to allow the story to marinate in your subconscious. Yep, I’m up for that, I am in need of a break. However, they also say keep writing, move onto the next thing, keep producing words. 

Words of what I wondered.

“What do you want to say?”

It was a voice in my head asking this question as I wondered how to fill in my writing time.

I have moments where I have things to say, but when that question was posed front and centre to me so directly, I was stripped off all answers. What do I want to say? Everything and nothing. Writing about what other people don’t while not exposing myself, too much. 

I closed my eyes and pictured myself being thrown onto a stage in front of a large audience. Standing there, alone, spotlights on me, microphone in my face, looking out at a sea of blank faces. Someone coughs. Another shuffles their feet. A door opens and heels clack on the floor as a woman rushes in late. All eyes on me. Well, not quite all. Several people are looking at their phones. I want to tell them to put the phone down. Either you want to hear me talk or you want to do whatever it is you are doing on the phone. Make a choice you don’t get both. 

Ok, probably a bit too aggressive to start a speech. However I want to pick up their phones and throw them out a window. “Get a life” I want to tell them. “Stop taking pictures of yourself and waiting for your fan base to gush how amazing you look”. There is a real world you could step into. Believe me I know. I was like that. I didn’t live through my phone but through my head. Dreaming of the life I wanted, sculpting it down to every fine detail. That life was amazing and I enjoyed spending time living that life. In my head. But that was the thing. At some point I had to return to reality. My fantasy life popping like a balloon. 

Wouldn’t that life happen one day? I was dreaming it wasn’t I? Putting it out into the universe as ‘they’ say. That’s the fun part. It’s easy to sit back and wait for those dreams to come to you. Except they don’t because the thing about real life is nothing changes unless you do something about that change.  The unpopular ‘take action’ part of the equation. People don’t want to hear that because it means doing something and who wants to do anything. Who even has the time or the energy. Why won’t my dream life enter through my door, neatly packaged and delivered on time. Of course it never will. I could spend my lifetime waiting and it still wouldn’t show. Unless I take action. 

Finally, I stepped out of my head. I sat down at my desk, pulled out one of the many stories that swirl around in there and began. Things started to change. Little by little. My story was taking shape and the word count hit numbers I never thought possible. Suddenly the toiling was done. Finished. Now, in real life, I have grabbed the rope of my dream life and I’m dangling on, yanking on the dream and slowly bringing it down into the real world. 

Please stop putting up motivating quotes and using effort and energy into making it look like you have your dream life on social media. Go and chase it. The universe rewards action. Doing. You need to show the universe you are committed. Show you are taking responsibility for what you want. You have to prove yourself first. Put the phone down and take some action. 

Back on the stage, did anyone listen? Or was this talk for me? I take a bow, I’m done. That’s what I want to say. For today anyway. Maybe tomorrow when I am thrown back onto that stage, I will be inclined to say something else. But today, that dream of yours, produce it.

Sunday Meditation – Experiment

Experiment. There are many things we wonder about, things we consider doing, speculating on whether it may change our life. These things call to us with curiosity so let us gather our courage and experiment with them. We never know what might happen when we try, what fire inside us it may ignite. By venturing and starting, we could be taking the first step to profoundly altering the path of our lives. Of course it may work, it may not. We may tweak it, change it, or abandon it for something completely different. However until we put ourselves in charge and decide to work the formula we have designed in our heads, we will never know what could have been. Until we experiment we will not know what would enable our dreams to stop living in our head and instead take us to living them out in the real world.

Sunday Meditation – Listen

Listen. Our bodies know more than we acknowledge of them. They tell us when we need to speed up or slow down. To make a change, let something go, embrace, step forward into opportunity. When we fail to listen to its wisdom is when we head down the wrong path. There is a feeling in a place only we know, which alerts us to when we are doing something that will not serve us. It is a battle. We want everything now and waiting is hard and that is when the uncomfortableness is produced that we try to ignore. How often are we too busy, too tired, too headstrong to acknowledge this inner wisdom. Instead we charge like the proverbial bull, creating more damage. Be still and listen. Whatever our body is telling us, act on it. Stop fighting. There is immediate relief on the other side. 

Sunday Meditation – The Home Stretch

The home stretch. Yes we are weary and over it a little, yet we are so close now. It has been our focus for what seems forever and we have lost count of the sacrifices we have made. The time we have lost, the sheer number of no’s in order to say yes to this dream. We rambled in faith that we would eventually see the end point. Now what was once in our vision is in our sight. This is the point many stop. Oblivious to how close they came, which is why we must keep going. The end is visible and it is time to turn up our efforts to their maximum as we push through this final leg of the journey. The path, laid clear before us, awaits us, and we must use what we have left to ensure we cross that line.

Sunday Meditation – Cheerleader

Cheerleader. The power when someone believes in us before we believe in ourselves. The transformations that are possible when we have someone on our sideline cheering us on, believing in our dreams and abilities and pushing us forward. Let’s be that person for someone else. Stop pointing out the limitations and begin showing the possibilities and the resources available. Show them faith. There is someone special to us that needs a believer. When we become their cheer squad we can set alight the fire that turns someone’s passion into an unstoppable force. We all want a cheerleader by our sides. Be that person for another because when we cheer for others, then they will cheer for us as we build our own support crew and together we are the change.