Sunday Meditation – Fear


Fear. The only cure is action. There is no way around that. We can allow fear into our lives, crippling us and our dreams. Or we can face it head on and go through. In fear we sit and watch others, with envy, accomplish what we long for. But with action, we can join them. What we fear almost always never comes to pass. What we think will happen, those scenarios we play on repeat in our heads, fails to be the reality. When we face fear, stand it down and walk all over it we realise it was only in our heads all along. And with one victory comes more success. We want to tackle more of what we fear because with courage we know we will win and those boundaries we thought were holding us back, we can see them as the excuses they are. Have courage, take action.

Sunday Meditation – Happiness

Happiness. We are responsible for our happiness. No one else can make us happy just as we cannot make another person happy.  We can contribute towards another’s happiness with the power of our relationships. Those people we think of when we think of being happy, but happiness has to be there to start with. It is internal and seeking it externally in people or things will only lead us further away. Stop running and strip back the layers the world coats us in and embrace who we are and the values that speak to us. That’s where we find it along with honouring those values. This is an attitude and therefore we can wake up and choose happiness regardless of the emotions we may experience that day.

Sunday Meditation – Thankful

Thankful. For those people who believe in us before we believe in ourselves. For their consistent support, reminding us of what we have done already. For assuring us of our capabilities by encouraging us to follow through. For reminding us of our vision in those moments when we question why. For allowing the sacrifices that we make, which often involves our own time with them. For stepping up when we need help. We never accomplish anything on our own. There is always a team of people who believe in us, our strengths and our dreams. Who get behind the scenes to remove obstacles out of the path we are carving out. They make our journey easier and we would never reach our goals without them. May we be thankful each day for those people and may we be fortunate enough to have the privilege to join someone’s team and bear witness to their greatness.