Find New Words

find new words

If my lead character smiles one more time I’m going to have to kill her off. Editing is that beautiful process that highlights (among other things) the laziness that every writer falls into. Becoming lazy means you become repetitive. Those small actions, the smiles, the walking, the frowning, the sighs, the laughs. When you read your work with few pauses for air, you become pained at the repetitions of these actions. There is only one solution which is to create new actions and observations. Now and in the future. Stay awake. What else is going on in the scene at that moment. Look beyond the initial response in your minds eye and focus on what else is happening. What is behind the smile. Maybe her nose crinkles, or his shoulders relax. Is there a noise? A feeling? Observe in the real world and bring that into your created world. Seek new. And if they have to smile (again) find another way, like a grin or a beam or perhaps a smirk. Finding new words will always enrich your writing.

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