What’s the Point?


What a clever writer I am, waxing lyrically about something that is completely irrelevant to the plot. It may be beautiful prose to admire as the writer, but as a reader, you are left puzzled and closing the book to find something more interesting to do. Every scene must have a point to the story and it must move the plot forward, whether that is with action, or insight into a main character, or to highlight the relationship between characters, or to show a key piece of information. After each scene ask what is the point, if your response is not immediate, don’t search for the point because it’s not there. It should be glaringly obvious to you, the creator, of why it needs to be included and less so for the reader. Yes cutting entire scenes, especially the wonderfully sculptured ones is painful, but reading your story with trivial scenes is agonising, and costly.  If there is no point, cut it.

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