A keen observer of the world, Elissa is particularly drawn to the complexities of relationships and the power of decisions; the way they shape our lives and the ripple effect they have on others. These are the underlying themes in her written works, where she encourages the reader to mull over the ideas presented and reflect on their own lives. 

Elissa has completed her first novel, a story about the pursuit of love and its impact on the paths we walk. It is currently being considered for publication. Meanwhile she is working on her second novel, a story about the challenges faced when two families from different backgrounds are forced to come together.

While Elissa has researched the craft of writing for most of her life, she has studied with the Australian Writers Centre, and is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, Romance Writers Australia and Writing NSW.

Recently Elissa expanded her writing endeavours by launching Elissa Johnston Copywriting. She specialises in working with small businesses to craft words that sell, where she successfully writes copy for products and services in addition to content for websites and social media. 

With a desire to help other people succeed from their creatives passions, Elissa has completed formal study with the Life Coaching Academy to become a Professional Coach. As a champion for the arts sector, she works as a business coach for creatives, working with a broad range of people to develop and set up successful businesses to profit from their creative talent.

When she is not working, Elissa enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the Central Coast of NSW, which she calls home and shares with her husband and two young boys.

You can keep up to date with Elissa’s work via Facebook, Instagram and here on her blog as well as signing up to her fortnightly email.