How to Successfully Finish A Course (when you have young kids)

Last month I received the email that said, “Congratulations, you have successfully completed your certificate IV in Life Coaching.” The relief was huge, yet the sense of achievement was monumental. There were times when I wasn’t sure I would finish and frankly, didn’t want to. Yet I kept at it and can say with confidenceContinue reading “How to Successfully Finish A Course (when you have young kids)”

Sunday Meditation – Passion

Passion. Those things that immediately spark within our core and summon us to action, that propel us, are our passions. They significantly contribute to our meaning, our mission within ourselves, our families, our communities and our work. They enable us to continue on when change becomes uncomfortable and allows us break through our comfort zones.Continue reading “Sunday Meditation – Passion”

When The Finish Line Vanishes

It is the unknown that keeps people up at night. Pondering how life may look if we did something else, what could have been, perhaps should have been and our fears suppress the actions we would have taken. It was finished, that idea that sparked a sentence, then a paragraph then many months later anContinue reading “When The Finish Line Vanishes”