5 Quick and Easy Editing Tips for Non Writers

Nothing screams unprofessional more than bad writing. It is the fastest way to put potential new customers off. Here are my quick and easy tips on how to polish your writing before you hit post.  Step away from the words. Just as an author never publishes a first draft, you should never hit publish onContinue reading “5 Quick and Easy Editing Tips for Non Writers”

Why You Should Be Reading Fiction

We are bombarded with lists of non fiction books to read right now. Books to make us: smarter, richer, healthier, popular and to run ourselves and our businesses more effectively. But where do fiction books fit in? There are numerous benefits to adding novels to your reading pile and I am going to share justContinue reading “Why You Should Be Reading Fiction”

When Will Someone Say Yes?

“It is fresh, face paced and I would like to read it to the end.” Late last year I entered the first part of my manuscript into a competition. First prize included a large amount of cash plus the writing currency needed to attract major attention from publishers. I had almost forgotten about the competitionContinue reading “When Will Someone Say Yes?”

Furious Fiction February 2021 – The Witching Hour

Three in the morning. Twelve hours earlier and the students were cluttered in classrooms, sitting on the edge of their seats, watching the ticking clock. Ten minutes later and their bodies spilled into these hallways, the noise level peaking as lockers flung open and clanged shut. Five minutes of frantic activity, then silence is restored.Continue reading “Furious Fiction February 2021 – The Witching Hour”